Topic: What’s covered by Total Parcel Protect?

We love shipping! I mean, it’s what we do–shipping. But even being the shipping experts we are, we understand how complicated and expensive shipping can quickly become.

Whether it’s one of your customers never receiving their shipment or having to pay for reshipping because an item arrived damaged, the process of getting your product from warehouse to customer can get messy. If you don’t have precautions set in place, it can also get pricey.

That’s where shipping insurance comes in.

Do I need insurance?

You can get away with not having insurance, but if something goes wrong, it can end up costing you…a lot.

Shipping insurance protects your wallet from the shipping issues merchants may run into, like a package being lost, damaged shipments and even theft. Essentially, it protects you from unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

So, can you go without it? Technically, yes. But should you? Well, let’s look at the numbers.

Let’s take a parcel with an order total (your sale price and shipping charge) of $10 and an insurance cost of $1. With insurance, you pay $11 total to ship an insured parcel to your customer. If something goes wrong, that’s all you’ll ever pay.

Now, let’s pretend your customer never received their shipment. With shipping insurance, you can quickly refund or reship an item knowing you’re covered, creating a satisfied customer that will keep coming back.

Without insurance, you’ll be forced to go through the multiple steps of filing an investigation with a carrier and reshipping goods again all out of pocket. You’ve now spent hours of your time and a total of $20 (or more).

When in doubt, don’t opt out

Without protection you are stuck paying the cost of shipping a new product if you first shipment is lost, stolen or damaged. Not to mention, your customers’ impression with your brand will be negatively influenced by their problematic shipping experience.

With protection, your customers knows that if something goes wrong, it will be covered. If something does go awry, their expectation of immediate action means more satisfaction with your service.

What is Total Parcel Protect?

Total Parcel Protect is part of ShipRush Total Shipping Protection from XCover. It protects your parcels for damage, theft or loss during transit. You are reimbursed for the order total to re-ship the parcel as well as the return shipping cost. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t be being left covering the cost of shipments that have gone astray.

A leader in insurance, XCover has been road tested by some of the top names in the industry. XCover is available globally on Amazon, eBay, Wayfair and many more. With an industry-leading NPS of +65‡, their ranked #1 on TrustPilot and have an impressive 4.7 stars from thousands of reviewers.

Why choose ShipRush Total Shipping Protection

We’re excited to bring you ShipRush TSP with XCover because it gives you the best value for the best price.

Claims are handled 20 days faster than traditional carrier insurance†, and you don’t have to file a claim with your carrier. Compared to traditional carriers that can take weeks to complete a claim, XCover’s end-to-end claims handling process aims to complete 95% of claims within 3 days of claim filing. Your claim is quickly reviewed and if your claim is approved, you’re paid out instantly.

The best part is TSP saves you money, too. Compared to traditional carrier insurance, your protection is 20% less with protection starting at just $1 per parcel.

Just Say Yes

Want to add ShipRush Total Shipping Protection from XCover to your shipments? Just say “Yes”!

We’ve made it easy to add protection to your shipments. TSP gives you shipping confidence knowing your parcel and LTL shipments are protected all for less. To include TSP with your shipments, just let your ShipRush sales representative know you’d like to get started.

‡ The score includes any type of claim and claim outcome across our partner network except for those partners with less than 30 claims and those not assessed by Cover Genius.

† Cost savings are based on a comparison of all Cover Genius shipping protection versus published carrier rates for Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS, UPS, Old Dominion, DHL, XPO Logistics, Estes Express Lines, YRC and TForce Freight as at June 27, 2022. Time savings are based on average resolution times (i.e. the duration from initial filing to completed payment) for all XCover shipping protection claims as at May 31, 2022 (sample size = 868)