Ship Faster

Automate Recurring Tasks

Automation rules boost productivity. Use them to set shipment weight, select service or packaging, rate shop, pick cheapest or fastest shipping mode and automatically apply branded templates.

Save time and money while automating everything!

Run automation rules and presets for either a single order or in a batch

Save time using shipment presets to update fields automatically for specific order types

Run predefined business rules manually or activate “Lights-out Automation Rules” mode

Key Benefits

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Save time processing shipments

Set up automated presets and
automation rules


Increase fulfillment

Automate order data flow,
no manual copy/paste required


Handle higher
order volumes

Automate repetitive and
labor-intensive processes

Automation empowers the ability to fulfill faster

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“By automating fulfillment with Descartes ShipRush, we’re now easily processing 30 to 40 packages per day and over 1,000 per month and we’re accomplishing this with two people, instead of six. It’s been a boon to customer service, and it has given us a path to a sustainable and profitable home-based business.”

– Billy Carmen, Owner, Wizard Distribution

Feature Highlights

Apply predefined shipping presets to a single order or in bulk

Automation rules
Create automated rules using dozens of filters and actions to streamline operations

Lights-out automation rules
Run automation rules in the background


Automation 2 days or less
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