LTL Shipping with ShipRush

ShipRush supports hundreds of national and regional LTL carriers and gives you the opportunity to process both parcel and LTL freight in one shipping platform.

The ShipRush LTL Freight Solution Offers

Side-by-side carrier rate shopping for LTL freight
Compare the many carrier options and factors for the most cost-effective LTL shipments every time.

Substantial savings off bulk and large items
Save up to 50% in shipping savings versus parcel. 

Automate recurring tasks
Streamline shipping decisions so the most cost-effective options are always selected.

Take full control of your Shipping Business
Connect to over 90 marketplaces, ERP, and accounting solutions. Import and manage orders, print shipping and return labels, scan barcodes, and track orders.

Our LTL offerings

reduce costs

FedEx Freight

Your FedEx Freight account links to your standard FedEx account in our solution and accesses services like: Priority, Day, Time, Definite & Guaranteed, Economy or International Services to CAN.