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Priority MailIn-Store & Online USPS RatesShipRush Discount PostageSavings
4lb - Zone 1 (8x8x8)$8.50$6.6222%
8lb - Zone 1 (12x10x4)$11.40$7.3336%
2lb - Zone 8 (5x6x7)$12.75$8.8431%
4lb - Zone 8 (10x10x4)$20.05$11.2744%
4lb - Zone 1 (8x8x8)$31.80$11.2764%
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ShipRush Discount Postage Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use ShipRush Web Discount Postage?
You use it just like you would use any postage account in ShipRush Web. Fund the account, print Delivery Confirmation labels, and save a bundle. It works for all mail classes, APO/FPO, and international shipping.

Q: Wait, I still have more questions!
Drop us an email: or call (206) 812-7874