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Notification from Customer Support

ShipRush Desktop Toolbox requires an update!  If you have already updated, the banner in can be ignored.  



Descartes ShipRush has a strong dedication for Web Security, and is constantly working to keep up with modern security practices and protocols. Because of this, without getting too technical, we are looking to disable an outdated channel in our Desktop Toolbox, which is why we’re reaching out to you here.

Just as quick reminder, the Desktop Toolbox is used  by ShipRush Web to communicate to local devices such as Printers, Scales and Scanners.  

If you are on an slightly older version of the ShipRush Desktop Toolbox, anything before Build ( for Macs), an update will be required to be able to continue working properly.  You can check the Build of the Toolbox you have running by right clicking the Icon in your system tray – bottom right corner of windows, click the “Up Arrow” icon, or top right Bar for Macs – and selecting Help/About. 

Please be aware that you must be on Windows 7 or newer, or on Mac Mojave (10.14) or newer for this install to work.  If you are on an older OSX, you will first need to update that before attempting the ShipRush Desktop Toolbox update.

To update, please do the following:

  1. Fully exit the toolbox from the system tray, and uninstall it from the Windows Add/Remove program area.
  2. Once uninstalled, download the latest toolbox, found here:  Windows / Macs 
  3. Run the installer, going through the prompts. After it completes, verify in the Help/About area that the update was successful, and that you are on a build newer than ( for Macs).  

That’s it! As long as you are up to date, you will be able to keep shipping without issue.  


NOTE: If you’re finding that your toolbox version is not updating after an uninstall and re-install, please uninstall one more time, then delete the “ShipRush.Desktop.Toolbox” folder found in your %appdata% location.  The quickest way to open that folder is to launch the Run program, type in “%appdata% and click Run — or simply type that into a File Explorer field at the top.  You can also use the Windows Search Bar to find the folder.  After deleting it, and confirming again the program has been uninstalled, try re-installing from the above links again.

NOTE: If you are a Mac user, hitting the error “ShipRush.Desktop.Toolbox.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software,” please give this a try: Show the downloaded file in the ‘Finder’ and open the context menu by right click on the file. Then, select Open and a similar notice dialog will appear, however there will now be an ‘Open’ button available. When you open it in this way it should allow you to install the package.


If you do not update soon, the ShipRush Desktop Toolbox may no longer work!  Don’t delay!