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Customer support on your terms!

We offer free customer support for ShipRush by phone, live chat, and email. Our customer service team is happy to answer all your ShipRush-related questions. Self-help is available in our community forums and knowledge base.

  • Phone Support: 8:30am – 5:00pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday – 206.812.7874
  • Live Chat Support: 5:00am – 5:00pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday
  • Email Support: – We will typically respond within 2 hours on normal business days

In addition to support for ShipRush, we also provide:

Remote Access May Be Required

ShipRush technicians may require remote access to your computer, particularly when difficult or unusual issues arise. This is done using a ShipRush-provided access tool. Remote support is available for $95 per computer, per session, though this may be waived at the technician’s discretion.

When remote access is performed, you can watch everything the technician does, and can disconnect the ShipRush technician at any time. If the ShipRush technician requires remote access and it is not possible (due to customer company policy, or problematic internet access at your site, for example), ShipRush may not be able to render assistance.

Subscription Support
Paid versions of ShipRush Web are licensed on an monthly subscription (aka ‘activation’) basis. Initial purchase activates the product, and renewal is required for continued operation. Paid versions of ShipRush Desktop software are licensed on an annual subscription basis. Subscription software includes all updates, upgrades and hotfixes released during the activation period.
Developer Support
Several products are available for developer audiences. Support for ShipRush SQL is available on the relevant support forum. The ShipRush SDK and Web Developer Kit are supported on private support forums.
Forum Support
ShipRush’s technical support forums are a great way to interact with the ShipRush support team. Forum support is included at no charge. Critical issues (system down conditions, and time sensitive inquiries) should be made by phone, not on the forums.
Support for Paid Licenses
Simple support issues are free, and all setup calls done within the first 30 days after initial purchase are as well. However, more complex issues, including networking, UPS Pro concerns, system failures, system moves, and system configuration changes are subject to a paid support charge. Paid and no-charge phone support incidents have a half-hour cap, unless otherwise noted. Network problems, data corruption, and other system issues may require more time. The support technician may ask you to open additional incidents if more time is required.
Support for Non-paid Licenses
Support is typically free for non-paid licenses.  Please give us a call at 206.812.7874, Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:00 (Pacific Time).  We can also be reached by email at, or via our Live Chat interface at the bottom of this page.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer to your questions in Product Documentation or the Community Forums?

Give us a call at 206.812.7874 or use our Live Chat link below.