ShipRush SQL is an open-SQL connector for ShipRush that uses Windows ADO to connect to a database or an ODBC data source. The read/write queries are entered into the Program Settings.


  • SQL database administrators
  • Shipping departments without access to the CRM or accounting software


  • Tie ShipRush to any standard database (such as Access, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.) using simple SQL queries via an ADO data source
  • Use a bar code scanner to read an order number (or customer ID) and open the shipping form
  • Use ShipRush with a supported system (i.e. Great Plains) in a custom way


ShipRush open-SQL allows you to integrate ShipRush with any standard database. For detailed documentation, click here

For a matrix comparing the different developer tools click here.

For purchasing information click here.


Q: What is ShipRush?
A: ShipRush is an easy and efficient way tot ship via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. ShipRush automatically pulls the 'Ship To' address from the invoice/sales order into the shipping form. Enter a weight, press ship for your shipping label to print out and an automatic email to be sent to the customer with the tracking number.

Q: What is needed to use ShipRush SQL? 
A: You will need a database that can be accessed by SQL queries, someone to write the SQL queries (example scripts are available in the product documentation), ShipRush installed on your PC (ShipRush must have a SQL license, or you can develop using the demo), and a few hours to put it all together.

Q: Will Z-Firm write the SQL queries for me?
A: No. You are responsible to write the queries for ShipRush SQL. We do have several sample scripts available for Microsoft Great Plains, RMS and others. We can also refer you to a third party to assist with the queries.

Q: Can I use ShipRush SQL for batch shipping?
A: ShipRush SQL is not for batch shipping. Shipping requires clicking the ShipRush interface for each shipment. Database-driven batch shipping can be handled using the non-visual component or SOAP.

Q: How can I get more information about ShipRush Developer options? 
A: Email or call (206)812-7874.