ShipRush Licenses

eCommerce systems 24MD8-GPDI6-D6CZ3-D8TGF-I9BIE-QZZZZ-ZZZZZ-2EQ1Z-ZZ


GoldMine 33WXV-884FR-HPQM4-D9LBW-Z4W3I-6ZZ

Microsoft Dynamics GP C2HPX-FZ3VB-UQG32-9D872-RA125-XZZ


Outlook 4LBVL-WU3JG-4X4U4-78F87-19GPL-MZZ

QuickBooks (Direct Desktop, no Order Manager) 4APF3-W43PN-W2CJ3-A98JE-MCG1N-QZZ

Sage50 (AKA PeachTree) 3AH3M-NBRJR-HPMZ4-KGPXT-L91GC-4ZZ

Saleslogix 4CCFA-IZ289-5M3F5-TK38K-ZFIAK-FZZ


Stand-Alone 2PTBU-RX33U-623BE-92CGE-Z2LBC-AZZ

FedEx no longer provides a blanket ShipRush License.  The free ShipRush FedEx Desktop ended some time ago. Visit our FedEx page for more information.

How to Update your License

If you are getting getting a prompt to enter a license, you can simply paste in the appropriate license from above and hit “Run”.  Alternatively, if you have the updated license copied to your clipboard, and you start ShipRush after fully closing the software, it should read the license and update automatically.

To manually update your license, first close the Order Manager screen (if applicable).  You should still have an icon for ShipRush running in your system tray, near the time and date in the lower left corner of the screen.  Right click on that icon and select Settings > Program Settings, then click “Enter ShipRush License”.  The license should be read off your clipboard, and updated automatically.  If it doesn’t it will open up a screen where you can paste in the license by hand, then click “OK”.

Always use copy/paste to update a license!  Trying to type out the entire license by hand may cause other issues.

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