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ShipRush Discount Postage (for USPS shipping)—Click to download

Covers both Pro and Basic plans—Click to download

ShipRush For FedEx—Click to download

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Pre-release and beta downloads.

Current ShipRush Download Build (All Versions): v12.5.14.9863— Release Date: 2/9/2022

Note: Networking ShipRush? If adding ShipRush to a new PC, use this download to update all existing PCs before installing ShipRush on the new PC (all PC’s must run exactly the same version and build if the database is networked).

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Not Sure Which Version of ShipRush is Right for You?

Ship Smarter with Total Shipping Protection

With ShipRush Total Shipping Protection, you can save an average of 20% on insurance coverage costs and claims are paid 20 days faster versus insurance from carriers.