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Download ShipRush Desktop

These downloads are for both demo and licensed use.

Existing User

Existing Users!

If you purchased ShipRush, please use the download below, and enter the serial number that was emailed to you.


New Users!

Just install and try ShipRush!
(Free 2-week demo built in to ShipRush.)

Note: Networking ShipRush? If adding ShipRush to a new PC, use this download to update all existing PCs before installing ShipRush on the new PC (all PC’s must run exactly the same version and build if the database is networked).

ShipRush v12.1 for FedEx

ShipRush v12.1 for UPS (Pro and Basic)

ShipRush v12.1 for USPS Shipping

ShipRush Discount Postage (for USPS shipping)

Current ShipRush Download Build (All Versions): v12.1.13.7903 — Release Date: 7/30/2020

Ready to move to the web?

ShipRush Web: $29.95/mo, which includes ShipRush Discount Postage, FedEx, UPS, additional carriers, all available ecommerce connections, Excel, and more for up to 3 connected users.  Side-by-side rate shopping, automation rules and many new features are in ShipRush Web.  Plus, no more downloading!

ShipRush Older Versions

Looking for an older version of ShipRush?
Contact ShipRush Support.

ShipRush Beta Versions

Please note! Only install a pre-release version of ShipRush if you’ve been directed to by a ShipRush support agent.
Pre-release and beta downloads.

Shipping protection

ShipRush Total Shipping Protection

Insurance coverage costs are on average 20% less and claims are paid 20 days faster with ShipRush Total Shipping Protection.