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Use our developer tools to create simple and rich shipping.

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Supported Languages and Environments

  • .NET
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • VB
  • VB.NET
  • C#
  • Delphi
  • and more!
  • Browser Apps
  • Server based
  • Desktop

ShipRush Desktop Developer Tools

ShipRush Developer Visual Component

The visual component is a complete shipping system that drops into your desktop application. You write minimal code. The component contains the full, rich ShipRush UI and the complete ShipRush shipment management system. Your app invokes the shipping system from a button or menu. Save weeks and months of effort by using the mature ShipRush UI and management system. Your application interacts with the shipping process, by providing inputs (like address, weight, etc.), and grabbing outputs (like tracking number, cost, etc.).

ShipRush Developer Browser Plugin

On the web? Ship-enable your web app with the ShipRush Web Drop In. Embed all the power of ShipRush Web in your application. It is completely JavaScript based for a simple integration. The server can be in any tool, (Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby etc.). Very little code is needed. Create a one-way or two-way integration between your web app and ShipRush Web.

ShipRush Developer Web Service (SOAP)

The ShipRush Web Service is a standard SOAP interface that allows shipment processing and rate calculation. Any tool that can create a SOAP request (.NET, Java, Delphi, etc.) can add ShipRush shipping quickly. Our SOAP server is simple to set up with its embedded web server. Print labels, calculate rates and more with the ShipRush Web Service.

ShipRush Developer Non-Visual Component

The non-visual component allows label printing and shipment rating to be done ‘invisibly’ (e.g. without a ShipRush UI). This makes the non-visual component perfect for batch or en-masse shipment processing.

ShipRush Developer SQL

If you know the difference between SELECT and UPDATE ShipRush SQL is the right tool for you! Tie the rich ShipRush UI to most any SQL database with just a few SQL queries. Our docs and samples will get you running quickly! Supported databases include SQL Server, Access and other ADO and ODBC accessible systems.

ShipRush Web Developer Tools

A complete descriptions of our comprehensive set of ShipRush Web Developer Tools coming soon.

For more information, please visit our support forums, Visit our support forums, email, or give us a call at (206)812-7874, extension 3.