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Instructions: Connect your Shopify account to Descartes ShipRush


ShipRush Web + Shopify Instructions

For ShipRush Web, our best solution for cloud-based web shipping, and our only solution for Mac computers, setup couldn’t be easier.

  • Start by visiting and creating a new account, then follow the link to confirm your email address.
  • You will first be prompted to add your webstore.  Select Shopify from the list and follow the setup wizard steps from there
    • All that’s required for that integration is logging into Shopify and granting ShipRush access to download order information
  • After your Shopify store has been added, you will then be prompted to add your shipping account.  ShipRush works with FedEx, UPS, and USPS through our Discount Postage program.  Select the appropriate carrier and follow the setup wizard from there.

That’s it, you’re good to go!  ShipRush Web will automatically download your pending Shopify orders – simply ship them in the software, and we will mark them as “Shipped” in shopify, with the appropriate tracking number, automatically!


ShipRush Desktop + Shopify Instructions

  • First start by visiting our download page and downloading the version of the software appropriate for the carrier you want to ship with.
  • Follow the setup wizard to attach your personal shipping account (or create a new one in the case of Discount Postage).
  • It will prompt you to create a account as part of the setup wizard – all that is required is to provide an email and password for that.
  • Then it will ask you what type of webstore you wish to connect.  Select Shopify and follow the steps from there to get integrated
    • Again, all that is needed to connect ShipRush Desktop to shopify is to log into your Shopify account and grant ShipRush access to download order information.

That’s all – You will be able to download and ship all of your pending orders within a few minutes.   ShipRush agents are here to help!  If you need assistance with getting started, please let us know!