Download Early Access and Beta Releases

Upgrading? Please follow these steps:

  • Single ShipRush PC: Purge the ShipRush databases first, then do the upgrade after the shipping day is over.
  • Multiple ShipRush PCs without shared ShipRush Database: Use the same steps as for Single ShipRush PC. Only upgrade one workstation for the first few days. Upgrade other PCs after comfort level is achieved.
  • Multiple ShipRush PCs at single location with Shared ShipRush Database: Close ShipRush on all PC’s. On the “server” PC, purge the ShipRush database. Then upgrade ShipRush on the “server” PC first, and then on all the workstations.

Please contact ShipRush Support if you are interested in a trial for ShipRush For FedEx, or if you are an existing user and need your download link.

This download includes both Pro and Basic. Download ShipRush for UPS.

Current ShipRush Download Build (All Versions): v12.5.14.3404 — Release Date: 2/23/2021

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