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Ecommerce: Is Retailer Fulfillment and Delivery Performance Keeping Up With Sales Growth?

Descartes Research Report


Consumers Accelerate Online Buying Habits

Delivery is not Satisfactory

Customers have High Expectations

Millennials Expect Greener Retail

Two years into the pandemic it is widely accepted that consumer shopping behaviour has changed for good. Top-ofmind for retailers is whether consumers’ appetite for even more ecommerce purchases will continue as the pandemic subsides. While ecommerce demand has increased, the quality of the end-to-end buying experience has been mixed. Consumers are now far more sophisticated and demanding, and when it comes to what constitutes a good experience, one size does not fit all. Expectations vary greatly, influenced by product value and age group, even nationality, and they extend across the entire buying experience, from purchase through delivery to unboxing and returns.

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