ShipRush Web
The fast shipping app for eCommerce shipping.

Fast setup and label printing. On PC, Mac & Tablet. No copy/paste or import/export.
How it works:

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For each web store & ecommerce account, complete a quick wizard.
ShipRush downloads pending (unshipped) orders.  
Print labels in ShipRush. Orders are automatically marked "Shipped" in the web store with tracking number and shipping service.

Shipping Carrier

Print domestic and international labels with Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS.  
Up to the minute rate estimates with your account discounts. True side by side rate shopping across your carrier accounts.

ShipRush Discount Postage for all shippers.


your Customer

ShipRush updates every order with tracking information and shipped status. It automatically emails customers, prints packing lists and keeps track of your shipment history.  
Everything about every order, in one place.

ShipRush Web:

  • Automatically import orders from 30+ ecommerce systems
  • Automatic post shipment information to orders
  • Email shipment notifications
  • Address checking
  • International / export shipping
  • Print labels & packing lists in bulk 
  • FedEx savings of up to 21% 
  • ShipRush Discount Postage (up to %60 off Base rates)
  • Access ShipRush Web from PC, Mac and Tablets

ShipRush Web offers easy, affordable & trackable export shipping with Pitney Bowes ClearPath

We partner with the best eCommerce systems.

ShipRush Web integrates directly to many eCommerce systems, those listed below and more. Setup is a quick wizard for most systems. You can be shipping in minutes. Click here to see the full list of integrations.

ShipRush Web works with the major players.


Ship with one or all. With as many carrier accounts as you need. Switch between accounts on the fly. Rate shop side by side.