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ShipRush Developer – Visual Component


Used by…


Developers to embed a rich shipping GUI in a desktop app with minimal code

Developers building desktop GUI applications with .NET, VB.NET, C#, C++, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Delphi, etc.

Shiprush Desktop

Used to…


Embed a full shipping GUI into a custom GUI application (.NET, VB, C++, etc)

Integrate FedEx, UPS, and USPS parcel shipping into existing systems

Give end users full fledged shipping functionality without carrier certification

Get access to the full, rich, ShipRush feature set… with just a few hours’ effort.

The best way to envision the visual plug-in is by taking a look at the QuickBooks built-in shipping manager. Intuit wrote the code to pass information such as the address and shipment properties to ShipRush. This pops the shipping form where the user can edit any properties and take a final look before pressing ship. The ship function includes printing the label and passing the tracking number and cost back to the custom application – in this case QuickBooks

The pros to the visual toolset is that it requires far less code compared to the non-visual or SOAP integrations. However it will surface the ShipRush GUI to the end user and require additional clicks on their part to process the shipment.

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What is ShipRush?

ShipRush is an easy and efficient way to ship via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. ShipRush automatically pulls the ‘Ship To’ address from the invoice/sales order into the shipping form. Enter a weight, press ship for your shipping label to print out and an automatic email to be sent to the customer with the tracking number.

What is the Shiprush SDK?

The ShipRush SDK allows you to customize the benefits of “end-user ShipRush” to integrate within your own application. “End-User ShipRush” is a full-featured shipping application that is available in versions for UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping. End-user ShipRush has several out-of-the-box integrations for shippers on systems like eBay, QuickBooks, ACT! and others. The ShipRush SDK is a suite of several developer tool sets that allow ShipRush to be used from within your application. With the ShipRush SDK you are able to use the same ShipRush technology we use in the end user ShipRush to ease the process of calculating shipping costs, creating shipping labels, and keeping accurate records of all the shipments you process.

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Why shouldn't I just code to the shipping carrier myself?

If you choose the ShipRush SDK, we do the heavy lifting. We are constantly updating ShipRush to stay current with the shipping carriers. And we know shipping front-to-back, because that is all we do. By using the ShipRush SDK we will take care of the constant updates and complex business rules of shipping that are critical to maintain your integration. You’ll be able to ship worry-free.

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Does the visual component show my customer the ShipRush UI?

Yes. The visual component pops the ShipRush UI for every shipment. The benefit is that it is less code for you, and your users get all the features and options of ShipRush.

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How do I know if the Visual Component is right for me?

If you need mass or batch shipping, the non-visual component or SOAP server may be a better fit.

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Does my customer need to install ShipRush?

Yes. Anyone who wants to use ShipRush – either for creating shipments or checking shipping history will need to have ShipRush installed on their PC.

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What developer tools are most compatible with the ShipRush Visual toolset?

GUI applications built with Visual Studio, C++, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Delphi and others.