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Descartes ShipRush + Shopify

Connect your Shopify store to Descartes ShipRush and start shipping smarter today
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Shipping Simplified

Manage order fulfillment, print shipping labels and send tracking notifications to your customers using our Ecommerce shipping technology while growing your business on Shopify. 

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Shopify Shipping App – Coming Soon 

Already selling on Shopify? Install our shipping app available in the Shopify App Store!

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Ecommerce Fulfillment

Taking Your Warehouse Operations To The Next Level

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Continue to use your existing ShipRush shipping solution and add warehouse management capabilities to grow your business.

Built from the ground up to handle the unique challenges of eCommerce order fulfillment, Peoplevox is the solution for small businesses experiencing rapid growth. Part of the suite of Descartes Systems Group software, Peoplevox is the natural next step for businesses looking to scale their inventory and warehouse management.

Connect Shopify with Descartes ShipRush

Shipping and order fulfillment just got a whole lot easier.

Coming Soon - Get Our Shopify Shipping App For Ecommerce Businesses