What’s Happening?

UPS has updated their security requirements. All users of ShipRush for UPS Pro must migrate their UPSLink software to the newest version by September 1, 2019. This page provides steps to migrate your system to a supported version.

THIS IS A REQUIRED UPDATE FOR USERS OF SHIPRUSH FOR UPS PRO. After 9/01/2019, older versions of UPSLink will no longer work, and End of Day will no longer upload to UPS servers. To prevent service interruption and UPS billing issues, please perform these steps as soon as possible.

Note: This page applies to users of ShipRush for UPS Pro ONLY. Users on ShipRush for UPS Basic and ShipRush Web can disregard these steps.

Unsure if you are running Pro or Basic? If you perform End of Day in the software, you are on Pro. See more detail here.


Before following these steps, please ensure you are on a supported operating system. ShipRush supports the following operating systems:

– Windows 10
– Windows 8.x and x64
– Windows 7 and x64 SP1
– Windows Server 2012-R2
– Windows Server 2016

See further details on our systems requirements here.

Step 1: Check your ShipRush version

All ShipRush for UPS Pro users must be on version 12.1 of the software. Older ShipRush versions are NOT supported and WILL NOT work.

To check your version:

– Click on the ShipRush icon in your system tray
– Go to Help/About
– Check the build number at the top of the screen. It should look like this: v12.1.X.XXXX

If you are already on a 12.1 build, proceed to Step 2. If you are on a lower version, you must update ShipRush to version 12.1 before proceeding.

You can download ShipRush v12.1 here.

If you are in a networked environment, please refer to the update instructions at the top of the screen. Update the PC holding the ShipRush database FIRST, then the workstations.

If you run multiple carrier versions of ShipRush, make sure to download and install the latest version for each carrier you use.

After the update, return to the Help/About area and confirm that you are now running v12.1 of ShipRush.

Step 2: Run the UPSLink updater

Note: This installer should only be run on the server machine that hosts the ShipRush database. It should not be installed on any workstations.

Please follow the steps below to update your UPSLink software:

– Perform End of Day to confirm all pending shipments have been uploaded to UPS
– Fully exit ShipRush on every computer where it is installed. Check the Windows Task Manager to confirm that ShipRush.exe is fully closed.
Download the UPSLink updater here. Make sure to SAVE the file (do not hit the Run option in the browser)
– Browse out to the location of the download. Right-click UPSLink_22_09.exe and select ‘Run as Administrator’.
– Wait for the installation to complete. Be aware that the install may take several minutes, and it may look like nothing is happening on screen. Once the install is complete, the screen will disappear.
– Reboot the server machine (this is important, do not skip this step)
– Start the ShipRush for UPS Pro software
– Do one test shipment and void the shipment
– Process End of Day
– Return to the Help/About area. Scroll down and look for “Comm layer version.” Confirm the version number reads 22.09 or higher.

Once you have confirmed the last step, the process has been completed. If you receive any error messages while following these steps, STOP and contact ShipRush support for further assistance.


If you would like direct assistance with this upgrade process, including remote-assistance, Advanced ShipRush Technical Support sessions are available for $95 per machine. Please reach out to Info@ShipRush.com, or call (206)812-7874, option 1, if you would like to set up an Advanced Support session.

Thank you for your attention, and happy shipping!