What is the story?

UPS is changing servers. This means that older ShipRush (and other UPS software) must be upgraded. ShipRush versions 11 and earlier must be upgraded. Sites that are not upgraded will be unable to upload End of Day

NOTE: If you use a custom integration with ShipRush (aka the ShipRush SDK), please contact your developer before upgrading.

How to Upgrade (Sites running ShipRush v10 and v11):

  1. Run End of Day in ShipRush.  (If you run into an EoD error, stop here and reach out to ShipRush Support)
  2. Turn off anti-virus software
  3. Fully close ShipRush on ALL connected systems, including the server. (Make sure it's not running in the system tray/Task Manager)
  4. Download the current version of ShipRush and complete the wizard.  If you have ShipRush running on multiple PC's, start with the primary/Server system, then go through the updates on the workstations.
  5. Do a single test shipment and End of Day

That's it!

If you run into trouble, please reach out to ShipRush support, available 8:30-5:00 PST, Mon-Fri:

Phone Support: (206)812-7874
Email Support: Info@ShipRush.com
Chat Support: Use the chat window in the bottom right corner of this page!

Alternate Upgrade Paths:

  1. Contact ShipRush Support. By appointment, ShipRush Support can do the upgrade for you. Cost: $95 per station.
  2. Do the upslink only patch. This leaves you on older (and unsupported) ShipRush, but gives you a quick way to move to the new UPS communication method. This method is for ShipRush v11.x. Steps
    1. Note, doing this patch does not remove the need to upgrade ShipRush, it just postpones it.


How to Upgrade (Sites running ShipRush v9 and Earlier):


  1. Sites running v9 or earlier should upgrade through each major version until they get to the current version.
  2. If problems are encountered, the ShipRush database must be deleted (ShipRush will recreate it), and the system re-commissioned.