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ShipRush Lets You Ship Fast!

  • Fast set up: Easy-to-use, cost-effective cloud-based shipping solution is up and running in 20 minutes. Free trial and intuitive setup.

  • Fast input: Error-free input, and 80+ connections to most of the top ecommerce, ERP, and accounting programs.

  • Fast label printing: One of the quickest label printing speeds in the industry.

  • Fast returns: Automated return label generation.

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ShipRush Lets You Ship Smart!

  • Rate shop the best price or delivery option every time. ShipRush is the best shipping solution for companies with multi-carrier shipping needs. With ShipRush, anyone can select the smartest way to ship an item. True side-by-side carrier rate shopping is integrated into shipping processes. Use ShipRush carrier discounts or input and rate shop your own carrier discounts.

  • Parcel and LTL freight in one solution lets you handle over-sized and bulk shipments right every time, even if you just do it occasionally. ShipRush is the only parcel solution in its price-point that offers built-in support for both parcel and LTL freight. Like its parcel offering, ShipRush offers full-feature, searchable rate shopping for LTL freight carriers.
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  • Automation rules let you create repeatable best practice business rules based on your own criteria. Using ShipRush, set the rules to automatically ship via the lowest cost option between three carriers, or the find the lowest cost for a certain delivery commitment. Automating these decisions help the company’s bottom line by providing the best delivery options every time.

  • Trained, friendly technical support helps you find the best way to use ShipRush for your business. ShipRush offers phone support for customers at all shipping levels, not just those with premium accounts

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  • Top carrier partners:  Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, DHL Packet, Direct Link, Fed Ex International Mail Service, OnTrac, Worldwide Express, First Mile, and more.

  • Compare your contracted carrier rates and delivery times side-by-side in real time to get the best options every time.  

  • New Upgraded GUI Interface that gives Descartes ShipRush a flexible spreadsheet-like interface that is customizable and allows the move/add/omit of columns. Only see or share the business data that is important. Sorting, filtering and grouping is available for most fields.

  • NEW: Scan-based return labels - pay only when the customer uses them

  • Clip board shipping: Copy and paste a whole address into the clipboard and add to ShipRush fields with one paste

  • And, many more ShipRush productivity tips.

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How Shiprush works for you



  • Automatically download pending (unshipped) orders from your web store and ecommerce systems.

  • See everything about every order in one place.



  • Compare up-to-the-minute rate estimates and delivery times for all your carriers, side-by-side, and select the best carrier for each shipment. Only we offer this!

  • Print domestic and international labels, packing lists, and customs documents. No more time wasted cutting and pasting.

  • Set up automated rules to streamline operations.



  • Automatically email your customers with shipping and tracking information.

  • Automatically update every order in your web store and ecommerce system with tracking information and shipped status.

  • Track shipment history.

We partner with 80+ ecommerce and other systems.

ShipRush Web easily integrates directly with over 80 of the best ecommerce, payment and accounting systems, including Amazon, Bigcommerce, eBay, Etsy, Fulfillment by Amazon, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Walmart Marketplace and more. A quick ShipRush setup wizard for most systems gets you shipping in minutes. See our full list of ecommerce shipping integrations.

Ship anywhere. Get your best rates.

Ship with one or many carrier accounts. Print shipping labels and documents for FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other major US and global carriers. Seamlessly switch between carrier accounts. Rate shop side-by-side. Use your FedEx, UPS and USPS discounts, or take advantage of our discount programs shown below. See our full list of carriers.

Up to 60% off base USPS postage rates with ShipRush Discount Postage

Up to 21% off select FedEx services with ShipRush FedEx Advantage