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We know the hassle. Call ShipRush, and it is an account issue and we tell you to call Endicia. Call Endicia, they tell you it is a problem in ShipRush and tell you to call ShipRush.

Over the years, ShipRush has collaborated with the leading postage providers. First, helped lower the monthly fee for ShipRush, and we moved the ShipRush community to Then ended the ShipRush contract, and we had to move back to Endicia to offer the best service. Then acquired Endicia. Then access to the Endicia servers became risky when management shut off partners suddenly, leaving shippers stuck.

This carnage stops right now.

New in ShipRush is "v2" Discount Postage. v2 puts everything in ShipRush. No longer will you need to manage two accounts (Endicia AND ShipRush). Everything is in one place, in ShipRush, and we will never tell you to call anyone else (well, maybe your credit card if they decline a charge!).

There are more benefits listed below.

Get v2 Postage set up, and you are on the best (and best supported) postage printing system available.

Overview for Developers

Installing ShipRush 11.2 does the following:

  1. Starts wizard to set up v2 Postage account
  2. Disables access to ShipRush Endicia
  3. Automatically routes calls for Endicia to v2 postage (e.g. the carrier code you pass for postage will always route to v2 postage

Developer Perspective: SOAP Integrations:

  1. First, have you looked at migrating to the ShipRush Web API? It is compatible with your existing SOAP calls, and has printing support, and more.
  2. Suggest installing 11.2 on a different VM, so you have 11.0 and 11.2 both at hand
  3. Set up 11.2, set the account in Settings to test label mode, and send transactions to it
  4. Roll out to production

Developer Perspective: Component (ActiveX) Integrations:

  1. We suggest using 2 VM's, or 1 VM with a snapshot prior to installing 11.2
  2. Install 11.2, set up printing, it should be transparent to your app.
  3. Your app should need no code changes. The carrier codes to invoke Endicia and Stamps route to v2 postage.

Shipper Perspective: Migration

See the Desktop Migration Guide for steps.

What You Get For Migrating:

The best shipping experience and the best postage rates.

  1. Same great rates: Yes, it is the exact same great postage rates you see now in ShipRush.
  2. Lower Cost Declared Value Coverage: ShipRush now offers Declared Value Coverage that is more bang for the buck than Endicia,, FedEx and UPS. It is built in, lower cost, and easy to sign up and use. More info.
  3. Unified billing: v2 gives you a single billing point for ALL subscription, postage and Declared Value fees (for all the carriers where you use ShipRush Declared Value Coverage)
  4. One call does it ALL: Ever had Endicia tell you to call ShipRush? (Or visa versa?)  No more! Your whole account is managed right here in ShipRush.  NO MORE PASSPHRASE RESETS!
  5. Larger international coverage: Now in v2 Postage you can ship to South Africa, Russia and other countries not supported by Endicia &
  6. An additional free month of service for switching!


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