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ShipRush Order Manager

Ecommerce Shipping, Quick and Easy
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ShipRush Order Manager makes ecommerce shipping a breeze.

ShipRush Order Manager is part of ShipRush Desktop. It handles all of your ecommerce stores. For Windows. (Mac and Tablet users, please use ShipRush Web)  Looking for your ShipRush License?  Click here!

How ShipRush Order Manager works

Shipping & Ecommerce

After a quick integration process, ShipRush Order Manager downloads pending (unshipped) orders.
Once processed in ShipRush, those same orders are automatically marked “Shipped” in the webstore paired with their new tracking number!
ShipRush and the carrier

ShipRush & the Carrier

ShipRush Order Manager prints labels for domestic and international services for FedEx and USPS.  See up-to-the-minute rate estimates using your account rates.  Switch between carriers with a few clicks.

Download your e-commerce orders

ShipRush & Your Customer

Customers see tracking numbers in your storefront and get shipment notifications from ShipRush. Print packing lists and keep track of your shipment history.  Everything all in one place!

ShipRush Order Manager Features

  • Automatically import address information
  • Post back shipment information
  • Email shipment notifications
  • Validate domestic shipping addresses
  • Process international shipments
  • ShipRush with ecommerce can process labels in bulk and print packing lists
  • FedEx savings of up to 21% with no monthly minimum
  • USPS savings of up to 64% off base rates

We partner with the best ecommerce systems.

ShipRush Order Manager integrates with many ecommerce systems. Setup is a quick wizard. You can be shipping in minutes. Click here to see a full list of ecommerce systems that ShipRush integrates with.

ShipRush works with Amazon e-commerce
ShipRush works with PayPal e-commerce
ShipRush works with Bigcommerce carts
ShipRush works with intuit Quickbooks
ShipRush works with Ebay e-commerce
ShipRush works with WooCommerce e-commerce
ShipRush works with Yahoo e-commerce
ShipRush works with Etsy e-commerce
ShipRush works with Majento e-commerce

ShipRush Order Manager has you covered.

Handles all your FedEx, UPS and USPS label needs.  ShipRush Order Manager allows for as many carrier accounts as you need, and lets you switch between them on the fly.

Print FedEx shipping labels

ShipRush and FedEx

ShipRush offers domestic and international shipping via FedEx. FedEx services including SmartPost® and One Rate® are built in. Save up to 21% on Select FedEx services with ShipRush, click here to learn more!

Save money with ShipRush Discount Postage program

USPS Discount Postage

Print Delivery Confirmation shipping labels, in ShipRush for domestic and international shipments. Print postage and receive Discount Postage (up to 64% of base rates). No trip to the post office needed – drop off package at any mailbox or counter. (Discount Postage is $29.95/month after 2-month free trial. Waivers available for eligible volume shippers.)

Print UPS shipping labels

ShipRush and UPS

We have domestic and international shipping with UPS. Use your shipping account and you are billed for shipments on your regular UPS invoice.