Rapidly Access the Possibilities of Global Ecommerce and Accurately Gauge Landed Cost

Businesses that can effectively tap the potential of international ecommerce can boost profits and rapidly scale. However, the global ecommerce marketplace can be challenging. In order to deploy an effective cross-border ecommerce strategy, it’s critical to leverage the right technology and shipment solution.

As a Pitney Bowes Business Partner solution, Descartes ShipRush Global can help to simplify international shipping. From businesses actively selling and shipping internationally, to companies just getting started in the global arena, Descartes ShipRush Global makes it easy.

The solution bundles our intuitive web-based ecommerce software with the shipment handling power of Pitney Bowes, and the localized expertise of a best-in-class global carrier network. Here’s how it works:

Shiprush Global: How It Works



  • Orders are integrated in the Descartes ShipRush Global dashboard from over 70+ systems and marketplaces.


  • Upon shipment, packages are routed to a Pitney Bowes shipping center where they are consolidated to reduce costs.


  • The packages are then distributed worldwide all the way to the customer’s doorstep with end-to-end visibility.


  • Access the market potential of consumers worldwide
  • Better gauge revenue by viewing accurate landed costs prior to shipment
  • Improve customer loyalty by virtually
    eliminating unexpected duties 
  • Minimize risk with no sign-up fees or
    maintenance charges
  • Improve customer service via automated emails with shipping and tracking information
  • Access discount postage to minimize overall costs


  • Automatically import orders from over 70+ carts and systems such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, Salesforce.com and more
  • Rapidly deploy with no IT bandwidth required for installation and onboarding
  • Print customs forms to speed clearance
  • Leverage multiple currency options to address the needs of local and global marketplaces
  • Create certificates of origin including for NAFTA and more
  • Create customized shipping automation rules to further streamline operations
  • More features

Proven Results

Customers benefit from shipment visibility and a world-class delivery experience. Businesses benefit from rapid on-boarding, international shipping expertise, predictable landed cost, and enhanced customer loyalty.