Getting a license expired notice?

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Using ShipRush FedEx for Ecommerce? Read on.

There Are Two Options:

1) Purchase ShipRush Desktop (what you use now).  FedEx may reimburse you (see below). This option is $795 / workstation / year.  If you received an email with an invoice, please purchase from that email.  We will email you a new license.  If you didn’t receive an invoice, please email us at  We will send you a quote, and you can pay on line. 

2) Switch to ShipRush Web. Log in here: — This is $29.95 / month for most users.

FedEx may reimburse the expense if you qualify.

The new process is called: FedEx Technology Incentive Program.

The steps are:

1) Purchase ShipRush.

2) Send your FedEx rep a note and ask if you are eligible for FedEx Technology Incentive Program funds to purchase a ShipRush license, or access to FedEx shipping via ShipRush Web.

FedEx Technology Incentive Program funds can be used to pay for 1 or more years of access.  We’re a Platinum tiered FedEx Compatible partner and are in their FTIP as an Integration Vendor either under “ShipRush” or under “Z-Firm.”

Thank you for using ShipRush!

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