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When adding a new Webstore, the default "Ship From" address is using an old/invalid address.

Issue:Every time you add a new Webstore, or re-add an old store, the default 'Ship From' address found in Order Manager settings is not the default address listed in Shipping Settings on your account page.You can adjust the address after adding the store, but have to do it every time.

Explanation:When you first register your account within ShipRush the address provided is saved into a configuration file -- this file is not updated when you later adjust the Default Address in Shipping Settings. 

Quick Work Around: Just update the FROM address in Order Manager Settings.

Permanent Resolution:The fix here is to manually update the appropriate .ini file for your carrier to list the proper address.

First, fully exit ShipRush on the PC

Next, navigate to your ShipRush main folder.

For Windows Vista / 7/ 8 and up, this is here:

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Z-Firm LLC\ShipRush

For Windows XP, it is here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Z-Firm LLC\ShipRush

Then you will need to find the appropriate .ini file for your carrier:

ShipRushClientSettings_{your carrier}.ini

FedEx, for example, would be:


Open the file in notepad and look for a block of lines that start with <Regcompany>, <regname>, <regphone> etc.The full block should look something like this:

<RegName>Shipping Department</RegName>
<RegAddress1>120 Lakeside Ave</RegAddress1>
<RegAddress2>Suite 101</RegAddress2>
<RegCountry>US - U.S.A.</RegCountry>

You want to edit the address here, making the appropriate changes between the brackets.Make sure not to change the actual 'code' -- just the text between the tags. 

Save your changes, and restart ShipRush.Once you add a new store, it should reference the address you've updated in that .ini file.

May 2014
ZF Case 40698