Questions to Ask When Evaluating Products that Offer Shipping Rate Comparisons

  1. Side-by-Side Rate Comparison: Are the rates for all the carriers & services you use shown side-by-side, in one screen?
  2. Time to Transit: Is the time in transit also displayed, next to the rates?
  3. Real-time Transit Times: Are the transit times the true estimates currently available?
  4. Carrier Filter: Can you set up filters, so you only see the carriers/services you actually use?
  5. View Contracted Rates: Can you see your actual contract discounted rates?
  6. Automation: Can you set automation rules that trigger on real rates and real times in transit?

ShipRush Rate Shopping Offers All These Features:

Unlike Descartes ShipRush, there is no way to rate shop ShipWorks pricing or Ordoro pricing for multiple carriers side-by-side.

Sample of the Competition’s Rate Comparison Dashboard:

  1. Side-by-Side Rate Comparison: No
  2. Time to Transit: No
  3. Real-time Transit Times: No
  4. Carrier Filter: No
  5. View Contracted Rates: No
  6. Automation: No

Competitor’s Rate Comparison Capabilities:

Competitor’s Rate Comparison Static Tables – on web site, not in application:

With no true rate shopping customers consult carrier rate charts for Shipping Easy rates.