Please Migrate Today!

eBay.ShipRush has not been renewed by eBay. It is being shut down shortly. The good news is you can easily convert your account to a regular ShipRush web account for free, with little more than the click of a button. You are eligible for FREE ShipRush today, by converting your account to a regular ShipRush account.

New Features You Get When You Switch To ShipRush

The Free Offer

Switch your account over the next few days, and you get two months FREE. After that, the monthly subscription plan starts. Cancel any time.

Switch Today

  • It takes just a few minutes

  • Go into ShipRush Settings, select your Pitney Bowes account on the left hand side, and use the "Migrate to Regular ShipRush" option

  • Complete the simple wizard, and you are still in ShipRush, all set with the new features.

  • Note: Be sure to complete the wizard once you start it.

Thank You

The ShipRush team is here to help. Please reach out to the email or tel below.