Download ShipRush Desktop Here

These downloads are for both demo and licensed use. If you made a purchase, please use the download below, and enter the serial number that was emailed to you.

ShipRush works automatically for a 2-week demo. 

Note: If ShipRush is on multiple PCs, be sure to update the existing PC's before adding ShipRush to a new PC.

ShipRush v11

for FedEx

ShipRush v11

ShipRush for UPS (Pro and Basic)

ShipRush v11

ShipRush Discount Postage (AKA ShipRush for Endicia)

Current ShipRush Download Build (All Versions): v11.0.9.4926 -- Release Date: 10/27/2016

Looking for an older version of ShipRush? Visit the obsolete downloads page.

Pre-Release and beta downloads. Please note! Only install a pre-release version of ShipRush if you've been directed to by a ShipRush support agent.