Dimensional discounts get you access to even deeper savings!

        Dimensional discounts get you access to even deeper savings!

How To Get ShipRush Discount Postage: ShipRush Web


ShipRush Web is free of charge, works great on Macs and tablets, and includes 30+ ecommerce integrations, Excel and QuickBooks

How To Get ShipRush Discount Postage: ShipRush Desktop

  • Download ShipRush Desktop.
  • Go through the wizard, and create a new Discount Postage account (first two months are free, then $29.95/month, fee waiver available to eligible volume shippers))
  • On a Mac? Use ShipRush Web.


For more rates: Use the Rate Calculator

Looking for your license or serial number? Click here.

ShipRush Discount Postage FAQs

Q: What does ShipRush Discount Postage cost?
The same as all ShipRush postage accounts: $29.95/month, and your first two months are FREE. That includes the postage account and ShipRush Web and ShipRush Desktop. You can have one web store or twenty web stores. Print one label a day or ten thousand.  (Fee waiver available to eligible volume shippers)

Q: Where can I download the version of ShipRush Desktop that works with my Discount Postage account?
Right here!

Q: What is the catch for ShipRush Discount Postage?
No catch. Just use it like you would use any postage account in ShipRush. Fund the account, print Delivery Confirmation labels, and save a bundle. It works for all mail classes, APO/FPO, and international shipping.

Q: What is ShipRush Web?
ShipRush Web is the same power and speed of ShipRush, running on the web. You can use your ShipRush Discount Postage account in either ShipRush Web or ShipRush desktop. (Or both.)

Q: I use the ShipRush SDK. Can I use ShipRush Discount Postage?
Yes. All Discount Postage accounts must be created in the ShipRush Web console. You can then use the account in ShipRush Desktop.

Q: Which flavor of ShipRush do I use?
You use ShipRush Web or ShipRush Endicia to use Discount Postage

Q: ShipRush Desktop is asking me for a license, what do I do?
Click here to be taken to the license page -- copy the license you need and paste it into ShipRush when prompted. Your Discount Postage monthly fee covers all connection styles for ShipRush!

Q: What postage system does ShipRush Discount Postage use?
ShipRush Discount Postage is powered by Endicia. Postage and insurance postages are handled by the Endicia servers.

Q: Wait, I still have more questions!
Drop us an email: info@shiprush.com or call (206) 812-7874

Thank you for your interest in ShipRush!