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ShipRush Desktop – Migration Guide for 11.2

(Using ShipRush Web? See the Web Migration Guide.) We know the hassle. Call ShipRush, and it is an account issue and we tell you to call Endicia. Call Endicia, they tell you it is a problem in ShipRush and tell you to call ShipRush. This carnage stops right now. New in ShipRush 11.2 is “v2” Discount Postage. v2 puts everything in ShipRush. No longer will you need to manage two accounts (Endicia AND ShipRush). Everything is in one place, in ShipRush, and we will never tell you to call anyone else (well, maybe your credit card if they decline a charge!). There are more benefits listed below. One last pitch before we upgrade: If you ship from ecommerce or Excel, have you tried ShipRush Web? Lately? It gets updated and improved multiple times a week and is faster and richer than any shipping system available (rate shopping and automation rules are only in ShipRush Web). So, if you’d like to get off the software bus, log in to ShipRush Web and ship with mojo! (Heck, you can use both ShipRush Web and Desktop concurrently, and switch to Web gradually, if you like.) Pitch over. Let’s do this upgrade.

Upgrade Steps

1. Finish your shipping for the day

Please don’t do this when you need labels in ten minutes! To get your “right now” stuff done, grab a temporary serial number, and come back to this list when you have some time. (ESPECIALLY network users, as upgrading ShipRush on a network takes some time.) Also Note: Upgrading to ShipRush 11.2 will disable ShipRush for Endicia (and Unused postage will be refunded when you close your old account, but consider printing some of it before starting the update.

2. Fully close ShipRush

Check your task manager / system tray to make sure it is not running in the background. If you are not sure how to full exit ShipRush, in Order Manager, click the little truck on the upper left and choose Exit ShipRush. If still in doubt, reboot the PC.

3. Purge your ShipRush database

With any upgrade, now is a good time to run a purge of your ShipRush database. This is not a required step, but ShipRush Guru’s strongly recommend this. See the Help file, specifically the Purge section of this page. (Additionally, there is a kb article with steps to purge. But the Help File has pictures!)

4. Download and run ShipRush Discount Postage, v11.2

Download and run ShipRush Discount Postage v11.2. If the installer returns a “ShipRush is Running” error, check Task Manager to end the ShipRush.exe program – or simply have the user reboot the PC – to ensure it’s fully closed.

5. Let ShipRush update your database

ShipRush will automatically run through a database update at this point – no input needed, just let it run. (This can take some time, even over an hour, purging the database, as suggested above, will help it go quickly.)

6. A wizard will start

Agree to Terms & Conditions, and follow the wizard.

7. Fill in shipper and billing information

Fill in your shipper information, and if prompted, fill in billing information.

8. Select printer settings

Select your printer settings (you can use the same settings as you had with your Endicia system!)
That’s it!  ShipRush Discount Postage will work exactly as it had before, regardless of where you were getting your shipping information from! To get your balance back from Endicia, go to and close your account. They will refund you the unspent balance within a couple of weeks. SPECIAL NOTE: If you have already set up a ShipRush Discount Postage v2 account in ShipRush Web, or on a previous installation of ShipRush Discount Postage Desktop, you will have an option in the installation wizard to connect to an existing Discount Postage account.  Simply select that option and your account will pop up automatically, no need to re-register.

What You Get For Migrating

The best shipping experience and the best postage rates.
  1. Same great rates: Yes, it is the exact same great postage rates you see now in ShipRush.
  2. Lower Cost Declared Value Coverage: ShipRush now offers Declared Value Coverage that is more bang for the buck than Endicia,, FedEx and UPS. It is built in, lower cost, and easy to sign up and use. More info.
  3. Unified billing: v2 gives you a single billing point for ALL subscription, postage and Declared Value fees (for all the carriers where you use ShipRush Declared Value Coverage)
  4. One call does it ALL: Ever had Endicia tell you to call ShipRush? (Or visa versa?)  No more! Your whole account is managed right here in ShipRush.  NO MORE PASSPHRASE RESETS!
  5. Larger international coverage: Now in v2 Postage you can ship to South Africa, Russia and other countries not supported by Endicia/
  6. An additional free month of service for switching


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(Using ShipRush Web? See the Web Migration Guide.)