The ShipRush Browser Plugin Development Kit is designed to offer web developers an easy integration of the multi-carrier ShipRush visual interface with web browser based applications. Integration of ShipRush to the web application can be done using familiar HTML development tools.

By using the ShipRush visual interface, developers get all the benefits of ShipRush that we’ve coded (such as multi-parcel shipments, scale integration, support for multiple printer types, viewing all carrier services, estimating cost before shipment, reprinting labels, deleting shipments, viewing shipping history, etc.) without having to code each of these elements themselves.

Please note, the ShipRush Browser Plugin is a post-sale shipment facilitation tool to be used by the “shipper” to create shipping labels. It is not designed as a customer/buyer-facing shipping tool or pre-sale rate calculator.

Once the developer has used the free developer kit to write an integration with their web application, the ‘shipper’ can install the ShipRush client on their workstation. By clicking on a ‘ship’ link in the web application, the ShipRush application will open, and ‘ship to’ data will flow from the web application to the ShipRush shipping form, allowing them to easily print a shipping label. The integration between the web application and ShipRush can be unidirectional (print a shipping label only), or bi-directional (print a label, and return shipping data to the application).