• Web developers to integrate parcel shipping with their web based application


  • Integrate the interactive ShipRush visual interface with browser based applications such as ecommerce using familiar HTML technologies

The ShipRush Browser Plugin Development Kit is designed to offer web developers an easy integration of the multi-carrier ShipRush visual interface with web browser based applications. Integration of ShipRush to the web application can be done using familiar HTML development tools.

By using the ShipRush visual interface, developers get all the benefits of ShipRush that we've coded (such as multi-parcel shipments, scale integration, support for multiple printer types, viewing all carrier services, estimating cost before shipment, reprinting labels, deleting shipments, viewing shipping history, etc.) without having to code each of these elements themselves.

Please note, the ShipRush Browser Plugin is a post-sale shipment facilitation tool to be used by the "shipper" to create shipping labels. It is not designed as a customer/buyer-facing shipping tool or pre-sale rate calculator.

Once the developer has used the free developer kit to write an integration with their web application, the 'shipper' can install the ShipRush client on their workstation. By clicking on a 'ship' link in the web application, the ShipRush application will open, and 'ship to' data will flow from the web application to the ShipRush shipping form, allowing them to easily print a shipping label. The integration between the web application and ShipRush can be unidirectional (print a shipping label only), or bi-directional (print a label, and return shipping data to the application).


Ways to use the Browser Plug-in


Simple & Unidirectional: This is the drop-dead-fastest-easiest way to get shipping into a webstore. By simply extending your application with "ShipRush-style" URL's, your page can have "Ship" links that pop up ShipRush with all the data pre-filled. Benefits: Quick & simple. No real code to write, just extend your current pages. Even offer automatic "silent" shipping (the user just clicks, and a label prints, with no prompting!). Issues: No write-back to your application. Possible web page bloat.


"GET API" Based: You code a simple API that serves up the Shipment XML in response to a GET request (e.g. GET Your web pages then surface links like this:



Benefits: Simple, use existing coding skills and business logic. No bloat of pages. Issue: No write back.


Full Service: You code a small API entry point so ShipRush can get and post back shipment information. For example, you create a page that functions as follows:;OrderNumber=1111 // Returns ShipRush Shipment XML;OrderNumber=1111 // Takes Shipment XML in the body of the tracking number, cost, etc.

Benefits: Full bidirectional integration. Support as many ShipRush features as you like. Use the ShipRush UI to let the user fill in the blanks.

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Q: What is ShipRush? 
A: ShipRush is an easy and efficient way to ship via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. ShipRush automatically pulls the 'Ship To' address into the shipping form. Enter a weight, press ship for your shipping label to print out and an automatic email to be sent to the customer with the tracking number.

Q: What is the ShipRush Browser Plugin? 
A: The Plugin allows ShipRush to interact with web applications. Just like Acrobat lets you view PDF content (if a web site hosts PDFs), the ShipRush Plugin lets you process shipments (if the website has ShipRush shipment data). The Plugin lets any web developer add ShipRush shipping to eCommerce sites and web applications.

Q: How does the plugin compare to the ShipRush SDK? 
A: The SDK is for developers of desktop GUI applications, server applications, and high volume needs. The Browser Plugin is for web developers who want to integrate shipping to a web-based solution in the fastest, lightest way.

Q: How does the plugin compare to ShipRush SQL?
A: To use ShipRush SQL, ShipRush needs a direct connection (via ADO or ODBC) to the SQL database. ShipRush SQL has advanced features (like bar code scanner support) that make it super useful for many sites. While the database-connection works great, many web apps do not allow access to the SQL database. 
The Browser Plugin lets ShipRush interact with web applications using normal internet protocols (like HTTP, XML & REST) without needing to access the database directly. Rather, the access is through the web application layer.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Plugin?
A: Use standard web technologies and coding skills: XML, HTTP, and HTML.

Q: What programming languages can be used?
A: Anything that can create HTML, and serve and digest XML! The developer kit includes samples in PHP, .NET and Java. Developers have used C++ and other tools in their web applications. Ruby and other tools will work fine (as long as you can read the PHP sample code).

Q: Can I use the ShipRush Browser Plugin for rating the shipping cost for a customer before the purchase is complete?
A: No. This tool is for the post-sale shipping process and is not built for a customer-facing rate tool. Once you have a completed sale and need to print your shipping label ShipRush would be used.

Q: Is the ShipRush Browser Plugin a web application?
A: No. The ShipRush Browser Plugin is client side, like Acrobat, and requires a client installation.

Q: Do I need to use ShipRush in conjunction with the carrier(s) software such as FedEx Ship Manager or UPS WorldShip?
A: No. ShipRush does not use the carriers' software. ShipRush gives a single, object-and-property API that works across all carriers, and uses its own transactions with the carriers' web servers over the internet.

Q: Can I use the ShipRush Browser Plugin for batch shipping?
A: Yes. With the Order Manager interface ShipRush can support batch shipping. This extra functionality is not present in all out of the box integrations for ShipRush but you can see the Order Manager in our eBay, PayPal, Yahoo and Amazon integration.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Dowload the Developer Kit demo, email ShipRush sales, or call 206-812-7874 for more information.

Examples of ShipRush Browser Plug-in

JMA Web Technologies

By developing software with the Windows Phone 7, Sitefinity CMS, AbleCommerce, PayPal, and the Telerik RadControls, our vision is to provide cost-effective, web technology solutions that will grow your business. We seek to create long-lasting and professional relationships, with all of our clients, by providing the very best customer service. By using the latest, cutting edge software, we seek to maximize your exposure over the world wide web.

Watch the integration with ShipRush USPS and Kentico CMS.

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